Shirra is a rising indie songwriter and recording artist who wields her soulful voice to unbury and explore the universal feelings hidden in every heart.


For Shirra, music is her art and her soul. It is her way of expressing every nuanced thought and feeling from the depths of her heart with simplicity, style, and grace. Music is her higher calling. She is compelled by forces unseen and unknown to harness the power of music, infuse it with her unique essence, and use it to touch hearts across the world.


As a songwriter, Shirra wants to draw in listeners and make them feel what she feels while inspiring them to love and embrace life. As a singer, her voice balances youthful sweetness with timeless depth as it carries words bearing messages intended to spark inspiration and move people to overcome and be better.















Born in Kenya, Shirra grew up in the city of Nairobi with her eight siblings. As a child, she loved singing and acting her way through imaginary play with the neighborhood children, who found her talent and her antics entertaining. She always adored music, even though her protective parents only allowed her and her siblings to listen to Christian musicians. She grew up on a steady diet of inspirational music from gospel artists like Point of Grace, Michael W. Smith, Out of Eden, and Kirk Franklin. Eventually, she began exploring the work of secular artists, too. 


She loved watching music videos and has an early memory of watching Michael Jackson on VHS. The King of Pop soon became one of Shirra’s favorite artists. When she was in fifth grade, Shirra formed her first music group with friends. Without access to instruments, they performed a capella in school and at church and family functions. 


In 2002, Shirra and her family moved to Phoenix, Arizona. There, she joined the high school choir. When she moved on to college, she took some music classes and started networking with other local musicians to put herself out in the music industry by her stage name, Shirra.


Due to the demands of work and school, Shirra hit pause on her music career for a few years to focus on making a living and getting her college degree. She moved to Colorado, and after a few years of putting music to the side, she decided to pursue a degree in music business at UC Denver. There, she was once again able to build connections with likeminded musicians. She also met the person who would become her producer and musical co-creator, as well as her fiancé.


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